I'm a farm to table, endorphin loving, health coach, and clean beauty enthusiast who loves adventuring in the mountains! 

hi, I'm Hal

With a little belly that did not tolerate many foods. In high school, I took matters into my own hands, learning as much as I could about organic, unprocessed foods. I would drive to our local Co-op to purchase nourishing food for our family. I loved learning about a cleaner lifestyle and read as many books as I possibly could. To my beautiful surprise, I did begin to feel more vibrant & have less autoimmune related stomach episodes. 

My wellness Journey started in my early years... 

I am living in the mountains, living my most authentic, adventurous life. I've slowed down, grounded down and am living a simply beautiful, fewer but better life. I am living my absolute dream, adventuring in the mountains with my better half and our best friend and golden retriever, Henry! We fuel our adventures with local, seasonal, organic produce from the farms in Boulder, CO! We work in healthcare and tech by day and live for weekend adventures and nights around the Alpine Table! 

I am living my dream life adventuring in the mountains & fueled by local, seasonal farms! 

Intrigued by all of the offerings marketed in the wellness industry, I tried everything from collagen to green supplements and paleo products. I was steered wrong by a few rather extreme "wellness" books, was spending gobs of money at whole foods, eating mostly autoimmune paleo, and was feeling "great" all while running too many miles per week for upcoming marathons. Although I felt better and my stomach pain, daily nausea, and intense stomach episodes seemingly vanished, this was not the picture of health I was striving for and knew I needed an evolution from this disordered view of wellness.  After falling in love with Amsterdam, while studying public health, I felt inspired by the natural movement in European culture and my ability to eat freely and naturally abroad without any stomach pain. 

In college, my new found freedom led me on a whole new health and wellness journey...

Our Dream team to adventure in the mountains

Our bestie Henry

I start each day with my gratitude journal and end it connecting with those I love around the Alpine Table. I could not be more excited or grateful to be living this life! I cannot wait to share bits of light i've learned along the way.   I'm so excited for you to create a beautiful life you're proud of too! 

I love to move my body naturally on hikes in the mountains and in the snowy backcountry.

I paired my kitchen down to two beautiful & essential stovetop pieces and fell in love with a cookbook that taught me everything I know about creating delicious dishes that are organic and taste gorgeous. These abundant nutrients fueled a season marked by rooting down, grounding down, and creating a beautifully authentic life. I now love to cozy in, in my favorite cashmere sweater with a mug of coffee, light a candle, and dance around the kitchen while making breakfast. 

Slowly, I learned to fuel my body with whole, real seasonal foods...




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Adventure in the mountains and spend more time laughing & loving those i'm with

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Whole, real, & local foods to nourish you from the inside out 

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"I HAVE A DEEPLY HIDDEN and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life."



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 We cannot wait to help you ground into each beautiful moment of life by slowing down and focusing on what truly fuels your soul! Are you ready to redefine your health and wellness journey? I would love to work with you as your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach!