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Live Simply & Authentically, Beautifully.  

Welcome to our Alpine Table! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and come on in! We are so happy you are here! 


Welcome to our Alpine Table! We hope you'll light a candle & savor the moment connecting with those you love. We hope that here you will feel inspired to live simply, authentically, & beautifully! 

We believe in adventuring in the mountains, eating local seasonal produce, curating a minimalistic lifestyle, supporting sustainability practices, creating clean beauty routines, and savoring the slow moments in life! 

We hope that here you will feel inspired to live simply, authentically, & beautifully

We would love to help you find light and inspiration! Farm to table curious? Not sure where to start with a new clean beauty routine, capsule wardrobe, or sustainable home? We would love to help you rock your confidence and feel brighter! 

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So happy you are feeling inspired to live a beautiful, authentic, and nourishing life! I cannot wait to learn the basics of simple, nutritious cooking together! 

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We created the Alpine Table to share our mountain adventures with you! We live for weekend adventures in the mountains, cozy moments, and local farm to table goodness.  Whole & real, local & seasonal foods are our favorite food philosophy. You'll probably find me dancing around the kitchen to our favorite mountain music. Here I hope you'll find light and inspiration and leave a little brighter than you came. The Alpine Table is a place where elegance meets natural living and adventuring can be beautiful. Welcome to our table! 

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Photograph by Nicole Nagy