Private Health coaching for the highly accomplished woman


A 3-month private coaching program designed to help you infuse more simplicity, joy, and sustainability into your wellness routines, so that you can embrace a slower, more nourishing way of life that will serve you for years to come!

You don't have to do it alone.

Redefine your definition of wellness and design your beautiful life! 

Your goal is to be the kind of woman who glows with wellbeing. Skin gorgeous. Body fit. Energy flowing. And for many years - you’ve developed the routines, plans, and habits that support the pursuit of your healthiest self.While so much of what you’ve done has worked wonders…

Thank you - organic produce, leafy greens, pasture-raised eggs, superfoods, nut milks
Thank you - fitness classes, yoga practices, and online workouts
Thank you - supplements and herbs

You can’t help feeling like you aren’t the picture of wellness.

Well, the first step is to examine the pace of your life - and how activated your stress levels are from morning through night. And asking yourself important questions like…

Does getting up to go to the gym at 5:00 AM drain you or fuel you?
Does rushing from appointment to appointment wreak havoc on your adrenals?
Does eating your meals on the go hurt your digestive system?
Does all of that screen time make it hard to calm down and sleep?

It’s so easy to get caught in a default mode that is essentially “fight or flight.” Where from the moment you wake up - the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm pile on - and there is no where for it to be released, calmed, or resolved.

No matter how many green smoothies you drink, movement routines you do, or acupuncture sessions you clock in… there is this underlying energy drain and fatigue you can’t shake. What’s causing it?

Can you relate? 

The Truth is, I can too!

I used to spend so much time and effort “improving my wellbeing” that I actually prevented myself from truly experiencing it! 

Although my intentions were good and pure, I was overstressing myself, and it was totally unnecessary.

So what changed? What was the solution?

After spending some time in a culture abroad that isn’t so intense and fast-paced, I realized that my life wouldn’t split apart at the seams if I pulled back on  a little.  

It is possible to live a simpler, slower life – and like me, you just might find that your health actually improves because of it. 

When you make calming your nervous system, being present, and savoring each moment a daily practice - magic happens.

Digestive issues can be resolved.
Stress levels can decrease.
Insomnia can become a thing of the past.

And in it’s place? More joy. More pleasure. More gratitude. More WELLBEING.

Now, if you’re thinking… “Hallie, I have no idea how to do this? Where do I start?”

Like the mentor you've always dreamed of, I'm here to encourage you, guide you, pass along all of my knowledge, and cheer you on every step of the way. 

Together, you’ll discover the basics of a simpler, slower lifestyle where you:

lean into everyday moments instead of rushing through them
effortlessly fuel your body with delicious, whole foots
connect with those you love over a calm, slow meal 
adventure to new places that bring you joy

And wake up feeling immensely grateful - and way less stressed - because you are not only living as your healthiest self, but you are living your dream life.

It's time you finally discover and design the life of your dreams! 

A simply beautiful life awaits you.

How it works

90- Minute Consult Call

Come on in, i'll pour you a cup of coffee and we can talk about your hopes & dreams for the life you are creating! Let's talk about your current definition of wellness, what habits you are ready to embrace, and create a vision for why you desire to live this way!

Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

Together we will set goals for our 3 month coaching time together! We will work to create simpler, slower moments, a foundational gratitude practice, morning and evening rhythms that support the life you are creating. We will also talk about new ways to nourish and move your body simply to become the happiest you! 

Unlimited Support

Each week I will send you an email full of reflections for your journal and inspirational material to match our lesson such as books, podcasts, and more! You will also have access to ask questions and celebrate success with me daily via a texting or voice note app. 

The results


Feel calm and at ease nourishing your body with local, seasonal foods

Live abundantly in the present moment, full of joy, deeply enjoying connection

Move your body naturally in ways that bring you joy and happiness

Create beautiful morning and evening routines to help you feel authentically you

Build daily gratitude rythms to support the life you are dreaming of

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Ready To:

redefine Wellness...

Fuel your body with simple, sustainable and whole, real nutrients and also move your body simply and naturally in ways you love

Welcome Calm...

Create morning and evening routines to support your new lifestyle, build a gratitude practice, & incorporate gentle movement into your daily rhythms

Live in the Moment....

Learn to live and love in the moment to feel happier, lighter and inspired. Learn the basics of gratitude, abundance, faith, and creating a life you are excited about

Then Simply Well was created for you! 

- Kallie

“Hallie has truly guided me to step into the best version of myself. She has helped me to find balance in my life, appreciate the now while also striving for a better future, and create meaningful moments throughout my day.

She has been the best mentor I could have ever dreamed of, and she truly lives by example. Working with her brings so much inspiration, positivity and motivation into my world. I could not commend her enough, and I am so excited for so many others to get the chance to work with her!”

LET'S build something beautiful together: 

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