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Today, I hope to share my newest cookbook obsession with you. Before I share the full details, I should back up a step. Around the new year I worked with an amazing Nurse Practitioner in Colorado and we determined through blood work that my body is not tolerating Gluten right now. Honestly, it comes as a bit of a bummer news. I had just finished working to grow in my relationship with food, to simplify my kitchen, and eat whole real meals. This left me in a bit of a rut in the kitchen if I’m being honest. I’m pretty sure you aren’t suppose to admit that if your passion is food but I think it’s so important to keep it real with you! Buying the multiple gluten free flours felt like a push for my minimal kitchen that operated so well with one baking basket of essential ingredients. A friend challenged me to let this opportunity continue to expand my food freedom mindset and grow through this challenge too. Of course, she was right and shortly after I found this book that brought back the light and inspiration in the kitchen!

Welcome, Aran’s book “Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple.” This book is filled with gorgeous scones, olive oil cakes, and bread recipes. Everything we have made has been a dream! I cannot recommend this book to you more if you are looking for a little gluten free inspiration in the kitchen. Of course, our whole, real, local food focus is naturally gluten free and this book is proving inspiration until the spring produce hits the farmers market. Until the market opens on April 1st, you can find us dancing around the kitchen with vanilla bean scones!

Happy Baking!



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