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For the highly accomplished woman who is often on the go

A note on meditation for the highly accomplished woman who is often on the go

If you’ve ever been called type A, a go getter, a high achiever, a perfectionist ( although we loath that term), or a busy body this is for you! Meditation does not come naturally to me. I love to be moving and grooving and sitting in silence and solitude is often intimidating and not the root of my best ideas or mindset.

My journey to meditation has been ongoing it started with presence, creating joyful moments, leaning into femininity and flow, and finally arrived upon walking meditations.

I’ve fallen in love with gratitude walks and walking meditations. Often this is where my best ideas are inspired. I suppose it’s no surprise this is where meditation meets me.

Long walks have always been a source of inspiration and calm. The endorphins, fresh air, and sunshine fuel my soul. It is here I’ve finally fallen into a consistent meditation practice. I’ve been adoring an app to guide my meditations and it’s making all of the difference in my mindset and mood! I can vividly remember telling a friend that I believed if I listened to meditations daily for one months time, I could change my mindset. Wow, was it true!

If you’ve been intrigued by the benefits of meditation but have always felt meditation was not for you. This is your sign, your gentle nudge, your friendly encouragement to try something new!

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