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Eating is so beautifully unique to each individual and as women, our bodies go through cycles and seasons that require unique nutritional needs. Eating mindfully can help you honor your body’s changing needs and assess if what you are eating is fueling you in the best possible way for the season you are in! 

To begin your journey with eating mindfully, let’s tune into your body. We will focus on how you feel to get you back in your body! A great way to get back into honoring and listening to the gentle cues is to ask yourself simple questions to check in:

Before you eat, how hungry are you? Are you bringing any big emotions to the table with you? Are you bored, emotional, or stressed and rushing back to work? As you are eating, check in with yourself to see if you feel present or are you mindlessly munching? 

As challenging as it can be, sitting down to enjoy meals with limited technology can help us feel present and mindful, which in turn helps us honor our hunger cues and leads to optimal digestion. It can be really easy to fall into patterns of eating while standing up in the kitchen in the morning, gulping coffee on our way to work or school drop off, eating lunch at our desks or while running errands in the car. While I understand that life can be busy, I think you’ll be amazed at the difference when you sit down to enjoy your meal undistracted. 

Can you make it your goal to sit down and be present for breakfast or lunch this week? Maybe you use a fancy cloth napkin, the dishes reserved for holidays, light a candle, or pour your bubbly water into a fancy glass to elevate the moment. Maybe you turn on soft music in the background, vow to place your phone screen down and turn off the news, or invite your spouse or child to sit with you. This practice is a beautiful way to set the tone of eating for young children too. They love simple moments to connect during the day and we know this is valuable at dinner time, but how about trying breakfast before school this week too? 

I can’t wait to see where this mindful shift takes you this week! As always, if you’d like extra support, I would love to work with you in my private practice!

A health coach’s tips for eating mindfully

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