What is it like for a Health Coach to assess my food journal? 

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Have you ever felt intimidated by keeping a food journal for your health coach or nutrition team to review? Sometimes this can feel daunting to be asked to keep a food journal and can take the enjoyment out of eating for a few days or can make up over analyze our choices! 

I am here to assure you, your health coach is not looking for perfection and she is not here to judge! We really do not want you to strive for “perfect” meals in a food journal because there is no such thing as a perfect diet and we are here to help YOU feel more vibrant, energetic, and satisfied by the food you eat! A food journal is the beginning of a beautiful journey to nourish your body fully and allows you and your health coach to think of new and unique ways to support your individual nutrition needs. In your food journal, she may ask about the foods you ate, how you felt, and more to help personalize your nutrition.

A health coach is here to help you make positive and empowering changes in your nutrition and we are so happy to work with you to meet the unique needs of your body, lifestyle, and preferences. In my practice, I honor that there’s joy in shopping, cooking, and eating and my top priority is that your relationship with food is one of ease, not lack, scarcity, or perfectionism. It’s my joy to help you feel energized and satisfied by the food that you eat. Food can also be a place of connection, celebration, and memories in addition to the traditionally thought of nutrition benefits. There are so many reasons to nourish our bodies together! 

In my practice I honor that food is a uniquely personal thing, and can be a place of big emotions too! I’m here to collaborate with you to feel the incredible impact of being fully nourished without being deprived!

If you are interested in personalized nutrition, I would love to work with you! You can schedule a complimentary call or fill out a health coaching intake form here!

Work with a Health Coach + Complete a Food Journal

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