Health Coach + Collaborative Care Team 

A Health Coach + Collaborative Care Team
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Why should I add a Health Coach to my collaborative care team?

Did you know, a study in 2004 showed that medical students in the US received only 23.9 hours of nutrition education during the entirety of their education? Medical doctors are incredible in all they do and they are not intended to be experts in nutrition philosophy. It’s great to keep in mind that physicians focus on treating symptoms and diseases through the use of drugs, radiation, and surgery- amazing and so needed! They work with the goal of collaborating with other providers to provide things like nutrition support to their patients! It’s vital you understand this when you are creating your healthcare team so that you can ensure you add a nutrition focused provider to your care team!

Physicians may work with registered dietitians, nutritionists, health coaches, or nutrition consultants to provide support to their patients depending on the level of their nutrition needs! Clients with specific conditions or diseases will require the support of a clinical dietitian to support their condition. However, clients who are generally healthy and looking for more information on living a healthy lifestyle, gathering support for their individual nutrition needs, or more information to support the outdated government guidelines are great candidates to add a health coach to their care team! It may be up to YOU to add a nutrition provider to your team! Often healthy patients are not advised on nutrition and it is up to you to supplement your care team with wellness an nutritional support! I know it may sound daunting, however even as a healthy person, there are so many ways wellness and nutrition can support you to feel your most energized self. Who doesn’t want more energy to keep up with your little ones, to be able to cook family dinner, and to take family vacations? Let’s re-write the narrative to add wellness support to our care team even when we are healthy and before we get sick and need the care of a medical team!

As a nutrition consultant, my goal is to empower my clients with information and research so that you can make the best decision for your health! I love to collaborate with your clinical or western medicine care team to layer in holistic nutrition practices that make you feel your best! Western medicine and holistic practices make a beautifully synergistic pair to empower clients to feel their best. I believe a combination and collaboration of the two is often the best approach! There are so many wellness practices we can chat about to make your healthy self feel even more energized and vibrant!

Nutrition information is rapidly-evolving and I am here to be the life-long learner and empower you with teachings that are relevant to your unique needs. As a health coach it’s my honor to support your unique nutrition journey! I value the power of research backed nutrition information and will help empower you with the studies and information so that you can take the lead on making informed decisions for your health. I love that my foundational career in public health research can support my passions working as a Health Coach and Certified Nutrition Consultant!



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