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Hi Friends, Happy Spring! I hope you are adoring the first signs of spring! Spring is expansive, and energizing in nature. Let’s dive into how your can welcome the new season in your heart, movement, & nutrition! 

Hi Friends, Happy April! I hope you are adoring the first signs of spring! Spring is expansive, and energizing in nature. We open our hearts and release what is no longer serving us as the new season begins. We set new intentions and let go of limiting patterns. Spring often brings lighter foods to energize the body and mind after the heavy, slow winter too! A few ways you can welcome spring into your heart, nutrition, and movement: 

These journal prompts are intended to help you breath life into your intentions: ⁠
⁠Where can I create more space in my life? ⁠
How can I soften my heart posture here? ⁠
Where am I resisting change in my life? ⁠
What am I so excited about?⁠

Nutritious ways to lighten up and breath more vibrancy and nutrients back into your nutrition routine focus on- Warm and freshly cooked foods such as raw greens and warm grains are great to feel balanced this spring! ⁠

Begin your day with an energizing morning yoga practice or a strengthening, more vigorous movement that will bring a sense of joy and vibrancy to your day! ⁠Walking in nature is also a great way to welcome this feeling! Meditation in the spring should be light, lively, and energizing such as a walking meditation⁠.

If you are looking to feel lighter and more vibrant as spring arrives, I would love to work with you in a quick 1 on 1 health coaching session! 

Spring is a great time to pause and examine if your wellness routines are serving you! Are your rhythms allowing you to live the life spontaneous, active life you desire?! ⁠

If not, Let’s get a quick 1 on 1 health coaching session scheduled to get you back to living in the moment, full of awe and wonder, and connecting deeply with those you love

Spring Produce Guide for the Market!

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach shares her guide for spring movement, nutrition, and meditation!

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