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It’s possible to feel the incredible impact of being fully nourished without being deprived! It can feel overwhelming to aim for perfection in your nutrition and fall off track very quickly with such rigid rules to prescribe too. Instead, I would love to flip the switch and encourage you to look for simple, sustainable ways to level up your nutrition today! 

Can you aim to eat an abundance of nutrient-dense, whole foods to nourish your body? 

Can you start to tune into your body? Can you listen to see if you feel satisfied after a meal or overly full? Are you thoroughly chewing each bite? Being fully present while eating allows us to honor our bodies natural cues and rest and digest properly. 

Are you constantly hungry between meals and snacks? If so, you may need to increase the amount you are eating and ensure each meal has added protein and healthy fats for satiety and blood sugar balance. 

Notice, are you craving sweets and refined carbohydrates pretty consistently? If so, we may need to work on balancing your blood sugar. 

Are you eating leafy dark greens at least once per day and non-starchy veggies at at least two meals per day? If not, let’s get the rainbow of nutrients on your plate! You may even find you enjoy vegetables you never believed! 

If you are looking to make additional switches, or looking for personalized shifts for your body, I would love to work with you in my private nutrition coaching!

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