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We created the Alpine Table to share our mountain adventures with you! We live for weekend adventures in the mountains, cozy moments, and local farm to table goodness. 

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Our culture has labeled many foods as “good” or “bad.” It’s almost challenging to not carry this mentality into our meals, yet labeling foods as such can lead to feelings of restriction, deprivation, and even guilt when consuming “bad” foods. 

I’m here to support you in developing a positive relationship with your body and your food! Together we will accomplish this by learning your body cues, focusing on nourishment and fulfillment, remembering that every food has a place and nothing is off-limits, and we will learn about the nutrition benefits of certain more nutrient dense choices! 

When we get caught up in a culture that tracks food, we lose touch with our body cues. When we prescribe to the mentality of “cheat” days, we restrict and then splurge. When we eat to change our bodies, we lose the joy of sharing meals together. 

It’s my honor to support you in developing more balanced and sustainable healthy habits! I know because I’ve been there too!

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, it would be an honor to support you in your food journey!

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